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What is the future of at-home exercise?

Most of us have set fitness 🏋️ goals one year or the other, but more often than not, we give up early on. Throw a pandemic into the mix and suddenly getting to the gym becomes impossible. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, people resorted to at-home 🏠 exercise (e.g. Peloton Interactive, iFIT) to get their work out. But now that the pandemic is easing up, what is the future of at-home exercise?

Using Beehive AI’s Qualitative Intelligence, we collected thousands of consumers’ free form expressions and accompanying quantitative data about their at-home workout experience.

From those who consistently workout (more than once a month), 85% ⬆️ of people exercise at least once a week from home.

Surprisingly, people aren’t staying away from gyms because of covid related concerns. While covid was a trigger, nowadays only 5% of people choose at-home exercise due to pandemic worries.

So, why are people still choosing to work out at home❓ Just as the transition to WFM has increased convenience and scheduling freedom, 24% of people choose “WOFM” (work-out from home) because of the flexibility it brings.

People also choose to exercise at home because of privacy reasons. This seemed obvious enough until our data showed that more men (15%) ⬆️ than women (8%) prefer privacy when working out.

Most important of all, only ~8% ⬇️ of respondents expect to exercise less at home in the next 6 months. This means there most likely won’t be a stampede towards your local gym any time in the near future- until of course, January 1 rolls around.

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