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Go beyond generic: using the right tool for the job when it comes to generative AI

Wrong tools for the job - a hammer with a screw and a wrench with   a nail.

The hype surrounding generative AI has reached epic levels - nearly EVERYTHING can be impacted by new AI innovation, it seems.  And as an insights leader, you’ve likely been exploring these innovations to speed up analysis and reduce manual tasks such as coding and maintaining text topics for your qualitative data.

But unfortunately, most of the generative AI solutions available today do not produce useful, reliable insights. And that’s because of one simple fact. These tools treat your data like everyone else’s. Whether you are a B2B organization targeting developers or a CPG company targeting 18-34 year old beauty aficionados, the data you upload to these tools is analyzed with generic language models that are trained on a huge universe of data and developed to complete a broad set of tasks. 

The qualities that make these tools hype-worthy and exciting are also the same qualities that make them quite useless when it comes to more specific use cases that require context and accuracy, such as research analysis. It’s like using a hammer to build an entire house, even though you have screws to tighten, wood to cut, and beams to level. Not everything is a nail, but to generic AI, it is.

At Beehive AI, we take a unique approach to harnessing the power of generative AI and tailoring it to your unique data and business.

  • Find the best toolbox: First, we are continuously evaluating the available public models, so that we can be sure to leverage the best LLMs trained on massive and diverse text corporate, including web articles, books, and other sources. 

  • Create a purpose-built tool: We then tune the base model, using a proprietary customer data index, to teach the model to understand customer feedback specifically - expressions, needs, motivations, and so on. Beehive AI then uses an AI human-in-the-loop mechanism, supported by an excellent team of linguists, to optimize the model and eliminate hallucinations. Think of this as picking a screwdriver because you know you have a screw to tighten. You don’t need a hammer or wrench.

  • Refine further and tailor to your specific business: Beehive AI then creates a company specific adapter to the model. We use your data to teach the model your specific domain - the language you use, your products, the types of problems and opportunities customers face. We create multiple models in  different resolutions to provide the highest accuracy possible.  Think of this like getting the flathead screwdriver, because that’s the type of screw you have.  A Phillips head will do you no good.

Beehive AI builds a unique generative AI model for your company to deliver better insights and eliminate hallucinations.

Generative AI holds huge promise for research and insights leaders, but they must evaluate these tools to ensure they pick a tool that is designed specifically for the use cases they care about and the data they are analyzing.


Learn how Beehive AI goes beyond generic by combining the power of quantitative analysis with generative AI designed for your unique data

Beehive AI offers a comprehensive analytics platform combined with Generative AI that is designed for your unique data. With this powerful combination, you can deliver more actionable, trustworthy insights, while saving hours of manual work

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