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Re-imagining customer centricity with Generative AI


As entrepreneurs in the tech industry seeking to build products that customers love, we experienced a challenge common in almost any business - whether you are B2B or B2C, provide a product or a service, a large enterprise or small business. We have all struggled to truly understand what a customer wants, and the motivations behind their behaviors. 


With the ongoing digital channel explosion and now the AI phenomenon, more and more data is being created.  And while organizations can get a good read on “what” a customer is doing, the “why”  - with any sort of reliable, quantifiable measure - remains an enigma. Which often leads businesses to rely on opinions and guesses when making decisions that impact growth. Not exactly a confidence-inducing strategy in this day and age.


In fact, 88% of executives think their customers are changing faster than their businesses can keep up (Accenture). And on the flip side, 59% of consumers feel companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience (PwC). 


Historically, organizations would look to qualitative data for deeper insights into customer motivations  - open-ended text answers on a survey, focus groups, review responses, social, reviews, and such. Customers, after all, are generally willing to share their perspectives, when given the opportunity.  But traditional methods to analyze this data have proved insufficient - highly manual, slow, and unreliable - even recent advances in machine learning and natural language processing have not cracked the code on analyzing qualitative data at scale. So organizations have largely given up and focused on easier-to-measure quantitative data such as NPS and close-ended survey methods that effectively shut down organic dialogue with customers.  


At Beehive AI, we are on a mission to help organizations reimagine customer centricity - to restore the human element of their relationship with their customers by enabling deep, meaningful - and measurable -  dialogue, at scale.


And while we believe AI can help unlock the value of qualitative data, we understand it requires a unique approach that puts the business and its customers at the center. Beehive AI is a generative AI platform designed specifically for an organization’s unique qualitative data. With bespoke, self-learning language models, validated by human experts, and built-in statistical analysis, research and insights leaders can quickly, accurately, and safely analyze their qualitative data, and combine it with quantitative data, to generate more robust customer insights and connect with the needs, wants, and motivations of their customers.


With deeper understanding of their customers, and the ability to ask more meaningful questions - and get reliable answers back - organizations can become truly customer-centric and get the insights they need to accelerate lasting growth.


Meet Our Leadership


Shai Deljo

Co-founder & CEO

An entrepreneur who has built disruptive products and technology at Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Co-founded VideoSurf, an AI video search company which was  acquired by Microsoft.

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Alexander Visheratin

PhD, Head of Artificial Intelligence

A researcher with extensive experience in artificial intelligence and distributed systems. Keynote speaker at numerous scientific and technological conferences.

The author of 30+ peer-reviewed papers.

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Cassidy Rasmussen

Dir. of Program Management

A data-driven leader with a passion for process optimization and data visualization. Scaled data driven teams in startups across AI procurement, telecommunication and more.

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Moshi Delgo

Co-founder & CTO

A seasoned CTO that has experience leading teams, building cutting edge technology and products while driving innovation at the highest level.

Co-founded Social Studios TV, an AI proprietary software platform which was acquired by AGT International

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Andrew Chalmers

VP of Sales

Andrew brings over 15 years in enterprise sales experience (Google, BlueOcean, Upwave) building sales teams at innovative startups in the marketing and research sectors.

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