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How research and insights leaders can shape the future

Research and insights leaders can shape the future at their organization

In our blog post last week, we talked about how research and insights leaders are a lot like detectives  – looking to answer key organizational questions by analyzing a variety of data sources and synthesizing that data into insights that point to a conclusion or answer.  

But there is an even bigger opportunity to drive impact.  In addition to understanding what’s happening and answering key questions for the business, research and insights leaders have the opportunity to shape the future. 


We’re not talking about using crystal balls or becoming the next Nostradamus and making predictions (although we do love the hat!)...It's about generating reliable insights that reveal a deeper understanding of customer motivations and behaviors, market trends, and competitive movements, to inform critical decisions that drive growth. These decisions can span product development, experience design, acquisition strategies and retention drivers, and they all rely on getting the right insights at the right time. 

So how can research and insights leaders effectively shape the future at their organization? Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Invest in Advanced Analytics and Technology: To stay ahead of the curve, research and insights leaders should invest in advanced analytics tools and technologies. These tools can help unlock deeper insights from data, identify emerging trends, and predict future outcomes more accurately. Emerging technologies such as generative AI can help research and insights leaders to analyze complex data sources more easily and reliably, such as qualitative data that often gets left un-analyzed.   These richer data sources can reveal more sophisticated, meaningful insights into what customers want and how they might behave. 

  2. Promote a Culture of Data Literacy and Collaboration: Research and insights leaders should focus on promoting a culture of data literacy and collaboration across the organization. This involves providing training and resources to help employees understand how to effectively interpret and use data in their roles. Encouraging cross-functional collaboration between departments, such as marketing, product development, and sales, can bring different perspectives to the data, and lead to richer insights and more holistic decision-making. Adopting advanced technologies can be a powerful catalyst to creating this culture by making insights more accessible to the broader organization - with innovations such as generative AI, stakeholders can simply ask questions of the data and get the insights they need. By fostering a culture where data is valued and accessible to all, leaders can empower teams to make informed decisions that drive positive outcomes for the organization.

  3. Embrace Agile and Iterative Approaches: In today's fast-paced business environment, agility is key to success. Research and insights leaders should embrace agile and iterative approaches to research and analysis, allowing for quick experimentation, adaptation, and course correction. Again, emerging technologies can support this agile mindset, delivering benefits such as faster analysis, AI-generated insights, and queryable insights using natural language prompts. By adopting an agile mindset, leaders can drive continuous improvement, innovation, and responsiveness to changing market dynamics, ultimately shaping a more resilient and future-ready organization.

Research and insights leaders can have a profound impact on their organization’s success. By putting on your “visionary hat,” you can not only answer questions about what has happened or is happening, but you can shape what will happen in the future. 


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