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The end of Wordcloud

“...and I feel fine!”

No more useless keywords, floating aimlessly in cloud formation. The Beehive AI platform automatically analyzes your NPS data! Watch our AI uncover customers' true motivations, barriers, and needs; to ultimately provide answers that you can truly act on!
“The most actionable part of the NPS survey is the categorization of the open-ended verbatim comments from promoters & detractors.”

- Sachin Rekhi (ex-LinkedIn)
A Practitioner’s Guide to Net Promoter Score

AI-powered Analysis

Your NPS survey data will be analyzed in real-time.
Beehive AI dashboards provide intuitive results and advanced data exploration.
Get dynamic, ongoing, and granular insights to drive your product development.
“Beehive AI has been brilliant in helping us uncover both major and nuanced actionable insights at scale. The service has become a key part of our growing success.
Highly recommended"

- VP of Growth

Getting started is easy!

Connect your NPS survey

Upload a CSV file, or integrate your survey software to import your NPS data into the Beehive AI Platform.

AI-powered analysis

Our proprietary artificial intelligence engine and psychographic models analyze consumers’ open-ended and quantitative responses.

Interactive dashboard

Results are populated in real-time into an easy-to-use, interactive dashboard that gives you a granular and nuanced understanding of your target audiences.

Your research hub

Connect your CRM data, and share dashboards with stakeholders.

Start your free demo today 

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Get ready to grow your business and achieve success! Opt for an NPS analysis with Beehive AI, now!

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