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Customer Data

Rich, Consented, GDPR-Complaint Data from Your Customers

No more hitting corporate roadblocks and waiting for months to access your customer data.
Beehive AI collects consented data from your customers, and automatically analyzes it for you!
"Listen to what people say about themselves; they will tell you everything you need to know"

- Mason Cooley

Fast Access to Customer Data

Define your target audience and objectives / main questions.
Our platform engages your audience online; then solicits, and analyzes their consented answers.
Explore your customer data, derive insights, and make quick decisions. 
“Beehive AI has been brilliant in helping us uncover both major and nuanced actionable insights at scale. The service has become a key part of our growing success.
Highly recommended"

- VP of Growth

Getting started is easy!

Define your audience

Upload a CSV file, or integrate your survey software to import your qualitative research data into the Beehive AI Platform.

Scalable data collection

Our platform targets and engages your audience online, and solicits rich (quantitative + quantitative) data.

AI-powered analysis

Our proprietary artificial intelligence engine and psychographic models analyze the data.

Your research hub

Your data is available to explore, download or adjust.

Start your free demo today 

Share your information, and we will send you an invite to a demo account

Get ready to grow your business and achieve success! Opt for collecting and analyzing data with Beehive AI, now!

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