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Will Amazon's pay increase have an impact on consumers' likelihood to buy from Amazon?

When Amazon increased its tech and corporate base wages to be more competitive, we were curious to see if it had any impact on consumers' likelihood to buy from Amazon.

In less than a day, Beehive AI's Qualitative Intelligence platform collected and analyzed thousands of consumers' free-form expressions (alongside some quantitative data); and found that a brand’s position on "Employee Rights and Working Conditions" influences the purchase decisions of 14% of people analyzed.

Our QI also found that this same 14% of people were 6X more ⬆️ likely to say that Amazon needs to improve their employees' working conditions, rather than their pay.

Perhaps as a sign of a generational shift, 25-34-year-olds are 4X more ⬆️ likely than 45-54-year-olds to say that "Employee Rights and Working Conditions" issues influence their shopping decisions.

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