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What do VR and Gaming consoles have to do with at-home exercise?

VR/Gaming consoles 🎮 are typically used for gaming and entertainment purposes. But, to our surprise, Beehive AI's Qualitative Intelligence platform discovered ~5% of people use VR/Gaming devices for at-home exercise. 🏋️

While still a small group, Beehive AI's Qualitative Intelligence platform uncovered a few interesting things about this segment:

  • 52% of people who use VR/gaming to workout believe they will be exercising at home MORE often ⬆️ in the next 6 months. Comparatively, only 35% of those who use other methods of exercise (ie. weights, treadmills, bikes, etc) believe they’ll exercise at home more often.

  • As expected, VR is most popular with Millennials. We found that 54% of people who use VR to workout, are 25-34-year-olds. However, it's even more interesting that the majority of these users that we identified are females (58%).

  • Our data shows that 36% of VR gamers are forming a habit of working out at least 3-4 times a week! 🗓

So, is the future of at-home exercise virtual reality? Only time will tell. We may be headed toward the "metaverse", but hopefully, this means we can finally reach those New Year’s fitness goals we set each year.

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