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What do consumers think about plant-based meat?

Since Impossible Foods is eyeing an IPO, we put Beehive AI’s Qualitative Intelligence Platform to work to find out what consumers think about plant-based meat.

Here’s what we learned:

  • A good chunk of people have tried plant-based meat at least once, but only 11% ⬇️ of people eat it regularly (more than once a week).

  • The top 3 motivators for people to increase their consumption of plant-based meat are taste, price, and convenience.

  • Consumers are 2X ⬆️ more likely to be concerned about the nutritional value of plant-based meat IF they have tried it before.

  • 27% of people who consume plant-based meat regularly were concerned 🚨 about the long-term effects.

What about you? Do you prefer meat or plant-based products? Let us know in the comments below.

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