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What can we learn about iPhone vs. Android users?

The classic “Coke vs Pepsi” debate has now become “iPhone vs Android”, and people seem to be quite passionate about where their loyalties lie. We wanted to know who chooses one phone over the other and the results are intriguing. In less than a day, Beehive AI's Qualitative Intelligence platform collected and analyzed thousands of consumers' free-form expressions (alongside some quantitative data); and here is a sample of thins it revealed:

  • Household income 💰 predicts which phone people opt for.

  • Younger people (18-24) prefer iPhone. 🍎

  • 74% ⬆️ of T-Mobile customers own Android, while only 43% ⬇️ of Verizon customers choose Android.

  • 30% of people want their current carriers to offer better phone service and improved phone plans, BUT only 13% of people would actually switch carriers for those services.

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