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People are “Spooked” by the Rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Halloween is coming up, which means that it’s scary movie season! Although some people prefer stories about witches and magic, there are many classic spooky movies about a real-life, modern technology: artificial intelligence. Movies like Ex-Machina, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and even Wall-E show what might happen if AI goes off the rails. But that would never happen in real life… would it?

We went back to expand on an analysis from a year ago that used Beehive AI’s Qualitative Intelligence platform to ask people about their concerns around artificial intelligence (ironic, we know). Some of the insights surprised us! While most people don’t think twice about the quiet ways AI is present in our lives, 27% of all people are actively worried about AI, and most of these people are male.

It’s easy to assume that people are just worried about artificial intelligence taking over their jobs, but this was actually not the top concern! Instead, while about 21% of all participants worried about job loss, 31% of those who worry more about AI were most concerned about AI becoming too powerful—just like in the movies.

But what about losing touch with each other? Will the increase in technology use, especially with artificial intelligence, cause a decrease in human contact? As it turns out, only 2% of survey participants were worried about AI causing less human interaction. However, women were 3.5 times more likely to be worried about it than men!

Maybe the reason some think that artificial intelligence might take over the world one day is that many see AI as somewhat human. While 40% of people defined AI as technology, 33% said that AI is human-like. In a way, it is a little eerie that we’ve created something that mimics our own capabilities.

With so many people spooked about the abilities of artificial intelligence, why is the use of AI on the rise? Well, it’s true that AI can learn to mimic human abilities; this is what makes Beehive AI’s platform possible! In the past, analyzing thousands of lengthy survey responses would have taken weeks or even months of employee labor. With Beehive AI, this analysis takes a fraction of the time, meaning that qualitative research can finally be done at a relevant scale for companies around the world.

So what’s so scary about Beehive AI? Maybe one thing—our results are scary good!

Beehive AI: Unlock the “why” in consumer behavior to power your business Beehive AI is an easy-to-use, end-to-end, customizable AI platform to design, deploy and analyze consumer research in real-time and at an unprecedented depth and scale.

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