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Beehive AI announces Key Takeaways for your qualitative data, powered by generative AI

Ever stare at your data and say (ok, scream) “Just tell me what’s important!”? Yeah, us too. Well, now Beehive AI can answer you back with the new “Key Takeaways,” powered by generative AI. 

Qualitative data is a powerful lever in research - it delves deep into understanding user attitudes, motivations, and perceptions and can uncover the "why" behind user actions, providing insights into their needs and pain points.  But it can be hard to analyze at scale with any kind of reliability. Going through all those responses? Trying to connect the dots and get to some meaningful takeaways? That can take days or even weeks, and even then, interpretations of the data can be subject to the bias of the individual researcher.

Beehive AI tackles this problem with a generative AI platform that is designed to quickly, accurately, and safely analyze your unique qualitative data, and combine it with quantitative data, to generate more meaningful and trustworthy customer insights.

And today, we’ve made it easier than ever.  With one click, researchers can now get Key Takeaways from their qualitative data, automatically generated by powerful generative AI. Not only does this save hours of time, but because Beehive AI is trained on your own business’s data, the insights are relevant and actionable signals that you can choose to explore further. You can select related concepts to dive in deeper or generate even more takeaways to quickly see what else the data is saying.

Beehive AI uses generative AI to surface key takeaways from your qualitative data.

Data that speaks to you - that’s the power of generative AI that is designed for your specific business context.

The Key Takeaways feature is available today to all Beehive AI customers. If you’re not a customer yet, but interested in learning more, please reach out to schedule a demo today!



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