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A Conversation with Social Scientist Peggy Szymanski

Exploring How Beehive AI Revolutionizes Customer Understanding and Research

If anyone knows how to understand why people do what they do, it’s Peggy Szymanski.

A social scientist who has worked in international customer experience, service design, conversational interaction, and education, Peggy specializes in uncovering people’s natural practices in order to design technology and processes that improve their time at work and home. She earned her PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara with an emphasis in Language, Interaction and Social Organization. Peggy has more than twenty patents and two co-edited books from her work at Xerox Palo AltoResearch Center (PARC) and IBM Almaden Research Center: Making Work Visible (2011) and Studies in Conversational UX Design (2018). More recently, she established the international user experience programs at both Walmart Mexico and Roku.

In a recent conversation with Peggy, she credited Beehive AI with “establishing a new paradigm…that breaks down the walls that inhibit businesses from truly understanding customer data at scale.”

The following article derives from our insightful chat with Peggy. It not only explores the features and benefits of Beehive AI but also dives into its unique ability to marry quantitative and qualitative research and streamline organizational operations.

I. Beehive AI as Groundbreaking Technology

Peggy began by emphasizing the importance of knowing your customers and how mind-boggling it was that many businesses operate without this basic knowledge for years (if not decades!). Beehive AI served as a key unlock for her, a groundbreaking technology that allowed both Walmart Mexico and Roku to understand true customer preferences and behavior more efficiently, saving weeks of time-consuming analysis, meetings and coordination all while uncovering invaluable insights.

II. The Power of Customer Stories

Peggy stressed the importance of qualitative research in understanding customers. She mentioned that though people are more similar than they are different, qualitative data is essential for capturing the complexity and nuance of human experiences. In today’s world, quantitative data is not enough, it alone resembles using a monochromatic palette to paint a rainbow. Moreover, Beehive AI enables businesses to unlock qualitative data at scale to convince skeptical stakeholders of deep, pertinent findings. Put simply, by focusing on customer stories, companies can build a more comprehensive understanding of their audience.

III. Supercharging Research Processes with Beehive

Peggy expressed her frustration with the typical way of working in user research, which often places researchers in silos focused on a single product feature or capability. Researchers end up reinventing the wheel and wasting their efforts on redundant studies. She pointed out that Beehive AI acts as a knowledge sharing tool that processes open-ended survey responses, allowing researchers to work at a faster rate and handle responses that were previously impossible to process. This human-centered capability integrates a UX team’s efforts and significantly improves the efficiency of research processes.

IV. Addressing Organizational Challenges with Beehive

Peggy shared her experience using Beehive AI as a platform to create conversations around real data, helping to align different teams and stakeholders. She explained how Beehive AI breaks down organizational walls, fostering collaboration across departments that might have previously viewed each other as competition. By adopting Beehive AI as a strategic tool, companies can make better decisions based on individual and quantitative data, ultimately improving the entire organization.

V. Beehive's Continuous Evolution

And that’s not all. Peggy also praised Beehive's receptiveness to input and commitment to understanding the work. She mentioned that Beehive's willingness to evolve and work with clients sets it apart from other tools on the market, making it an invaluable asset for researchers working in various verticals and markets.

Peggy's enthusiasm for Beehive AI is contagious. Businesses large and small looking to gain a competitive edge and dive more deeply into understanding their customers should reach out to the Beehive AI team for a demo or conversation. It just might be the key to unlocking new opportunities and staying ahead in today's fast-paced market.



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