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How NJ reached its milestone of COVID-19 vaccinations ahead ofv schedule.

Why do some people get vaccinated and others don’t? Do they even know they can? Do they not trust the vaccine or can they simply not make it to the vaccination site during business hours? What worries them about the vaccine and what motivates them to take it? What drives vaccine hesitancy?

These are just a few of the hard questions which the State of New Jersey and Princeton Partners, NJ’s lead communications agency for this effort, needed answers to quickly and on an ongoing basis. This program would become the largest public health initiative in the state’s history.

How Beehive AI’s Qualitative Intelligence (QI) Platform helped:
To help effectively educate the general public, Princeton Partners needed to identify and understand--on an ongoing basis--the unique segments of New Jersey’s population according to their sentiments, hesitations, and motivations for taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Legacy methods such as field interviews, focus groups and quantitative studies would have been too slow, costly, non-representative (small sample), or too rigid for the ever-changing situation COVID-19 presented. With that in mind, Princeton Partners partnered with Beehive AI, leveraging the unique ability of its Qualitative Intelligence platform to continuously and at scale uncover customers' motivations and barriers.

Using its Qualitative Intelligence platform Beehive AI engaged large segments of the NJ population online in an open, ongoing dialogue, allowing them to respond to questions and express their sentiments in an unbounded and free-form format. Beehive AI's finely-tuned artificial intelligence technology, trained to understand motivations and barriers from qualitative data, provided Princeton Partners a near real-time view of different citizen personas and how their opinions of the COVID-19 vaccines evolved throughout the pandemic.
Armed with this powerful intelligence, Princeton Partners and the state of NJ were able to develop tailored strategies to address specific information needs and concerns within the NJ population and help build trust and confidence with the NJ public in the Covid-19 vaccine program. 

By understanding its citizens' unique motivations, hesitations, and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine and how to address them, New Jersey had the most successful vaccination rate of any of the large-population states, particularly among hard-to-reach and urban populations. It reached its milestone of COVID-19 vaccinations ahead of the State’s June 30 goal.


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