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Semantic Analysis Specialist

United States (Remote)

Job Type

Part Time

About the Company

Beehive AI is an end-to-end, customizable generative AI platform for consumer research of unprecedented accuracy, relevance, and scale. By analyzing qualitative, open-ended data, combined with quantitative data, Beehive AI unlocks the “why” in consumer behavior. Used by a range of mid-size and large companies.

About the Team

As a member of the linguistics team, you will analyze and explore our qualitative data as well as our specialized Artificial Intelligence model. You will collaborate with your other linguistics team members to facilitate efficient, high quality, and decision-based analysis.

About the Job

Employees working for the Beehive AI Semantic Analysis Team will be asked to use their linguistic analysis skills to “tag” Beehive AI’s response corpus with semantic information. You will be working with an expert team of Artificial Intelligence specialists to train a model to encode linguistic data with decision-based insights.

Helpful skills: semantic and pragmatic analysis, corpus analysis, syntactic understanding

Time commitment: 10+ hours a week

If you are interested in the position, please email your resume to
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