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How Brockmans Gin used qualitative insights to accelerate entry into the US market

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Brockmans Gin is a platinum award winning, super-premium Gin created from a beautiful recipe of botanicals.

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What the Beehive AI Qualitative Intelligence (QI) platform did:
Brockmans Gin is a platinum award-winning, super-premium gin created from a beautiful recipe of botanicals. Given the brand's existing dominant position in Spain, they felt a strong opportunity existed to expand into the US market. Working together with their marketing agency, TopRight Partners, they were looking for a solution to accelerate their insights of consumers in this new market and enable them to build an effective market expansion strategy. While options such as focus groups and existing secondary research were considered, the company needed to act more quickly and cost-consciously than existing options could offer.
They selected Beehive AI due to its unique ability to create a mass open dialogue with consumers and use technology to interpret those conversations at scale. Given that the Beehive AI Qualitative Intelligence (QI) platform requires no integration, they were able to quickly collect thousands of conversations with consumers within days. Beehive AI’s finely-tuned artificial intelligence algorithms were then able to identify buying personas with their psychographics model.
“This case is a perfect example of how AI is transforming marketing now by engaging customers with precision, accelerating sales conversion and optimizing the return on marketing investment.” - Dave Sutton, TopRight's Founder and Chairman ‍
Armed with new personas and psychographic model information provided by Beehive AI’s platform, TopRightPartners, and Brockmans Gin were able to design a tailored, successful international, omni-channel marketing strategy to fuel Brockmans market expansion to the US.

● Beehive AI's platform collected free-form responses and generated a database of prospects in 24 hours 
● Beehive AI's platform developed 3 new personas and suggested messaging for experience campaigns to each target
● New bottle sales lift goals already achieved in several US cities for 2021 
● Subsequent email campaign had an open rate of nearly 60% with a CTR of 4.5%

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