Success without understanding is just coincidence

To understand your customers,
have a conversation at scale.


Fast and simple to implement —

powerful results

  • Connect by asking simple, contextual open-ended questions through social ads, emails, messaging…
    and throughout the customer journey

  • Understand responses and automatically classify motivations, needs, and desires through AI

  • Get granular dynamic insights to drive tailored actions


One solution delivering value

across the entire enterprise

  • Increase

    Uncover hidden opportunities and Identify practical ways to grow your business

  • Expand
    product lines

    Learn which products or services to add in order to increase the value of your orders

  • Develop
    targeted ads

    Tailor your ad messaging and targeting to naturally occurring segments and reduce your CPA

  • Improve

    Discover the barriers and motivations that drive retention for different segments

What Our Customers Say
"The Beehive AI platform provided the exact solution we needed to better define our target audiences and optimize our ad spending for maximum revenue and conversions"

Ben Glass, CEO

The Good Chocolate

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Beehive AI pioneered the introduction of Mass Open Dialogue with consumers to help marketers understand customers and increase conversion, sales and retention.

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