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Beehive AI

The Qualitative Intelligence (QI) Platform

Generative AI for Consumer Research


Fast and simple to implement —

powerful results

  • Connect by continuously asking simple, contextual open-ended questions through social ads, emails, messaging and throughout the customer journey

  • Understand responses and automatically classify motivations, needs, and desires through AI

  • Get dynamic, ongoing, and granular insights to drive tailored actions


Qualitative Intelligence (QI) delivers value across the entire enterprise

What Our Customers Say
"The Beehive AI team have been brilliant in helping us uncover both major and nuanced actionable insights at scale. Their service has become a key part of our growth success. Highly recommended"

Mark Patchett

VP of Growth, Nectar


Get Started Today!

Start with Beehive AI and create a mass open dialogue with consumers.

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