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Generative Intelligence designed for your data.

Beehive AI brings together the confidence of quantitative analysis with the speed of Generative AI designed for your unique data. With this powerful combination, you can deliver more actionable, trustworthy insights, while saving hours of manual work.


Go beyond generic AI for fast, reliable insights

Speed to insights

Analyze data at scale, with automation of manual tasks and AI-surfaced insights.

Confident Analysis

Deliver reliable, more meaningful insights with generative AI trained on your specific data.

Holistic View

Combine quantitative and qualitative data analysis to build a complete picture and avoid blinspots.

Modern business challenges require modern analysis.  

  • No manual set up or maintenance with auto-generated, adaptive text topics 

  • Easily ingest data from any insights program with built-in connectors or CSV uploads


  • Increase speed to insights, with LLMs that are trained in hours rather than weeks.

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  • Generate relevant, contextual insights with bespoke LLMs that power analysis. 

  • Build a robust picture with built-in statistical analysis for qualitative and quantitative data.

  • Benefit from continuously improving insights with human "fact checkers" that validate AI analysis.

  • Explore what matters most with AI-generated key takeaways

  • Easily tailor and share insights using custom dashboards and reports.

  • Embed insights across the organization with AI query tools and assistants.


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What Our Customers Say
"The Beehive AI team have been brilliant in helping us uncover both major and nuanced actionable insights at scale. Their service has become a key part of our growth success. Highly recommended"

Mark Patchett

VP of Growth, Nectar


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