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How Nectar identified a new product that is now purchased by over 25% of their customers


Nectar is a mattress-in-a-box company recognized as the fastest growing e-commerce retailer in North America

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What the Beehive AI Qualitative Intelligence (QI) platform did:
From customer-free form expression to actionable business insights.
Nectar is continuously looking to identify new customer segments, optimize their product offerings, expand their product line and improve their ad targeting.

Beehive AI frequently analyzes their large dataset of customer free form expression and produces insights that they [Nectar] can quickly act on in order to accelerate their growth.

Nectar was looking to expand their cart and increase the order value. Beehive AI analyzed dozens of thousands of open-ended survey questions combined with demographic, NPS and other quantitative data.

Beehive AI recommended a complementary product that had a high association with a segment that was likely to convert/purchase.

Over 25% of Nectar's customers purchase the complementary product when buying their mattress, increasing the order value by 10% for those customers.

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