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How La Boite improved online conversion rate by 28.1%

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La Boite is a premium chef inspired spice blends and baked goods direct to consumer company.

What the Beehive AI Qualitative Intelligence (QI) platform did:
La Boite is a premium chef-inspired spices, biscuits, and other culinary products brand making the exclusive blends and flavors of top chefs accessible to all. Through 2019 the company had built a solid brick-and-mortar operation and a loyal following. By 2020, the company needed to strategically grow its online e-commerce sales and reach new audiences. Given the wide range of products they offer and the competitive spices landscape, they required a cost-effective and highly targeted marketing solution that would help them stand out from competitors’ messaging and promotions.
They selected Beehive AI initially due to its unique ability to initiate thousands of conversations with consumers and quantify an immense amount of these qualitative insights. Given that the service required no integration, they were able to deploy the solution quickly. They started a continuous dialogue with thousands of consumers on social media as well as with existing customers through email campaigns.
The Beehive AI Qualitative Intelligence (QI) platform continuously asked contextual simple open-ended questions and – with the ability to process the dialogue with Beehive’s finely-tuned artificial intelligence algorithms – understood their consumers' cooking motivations, preferences, and desires over time. With those insights, La Boite was able to launch multiple campaigns targeting highly nuanced customer preferences and tailoring their messaging in order to reach new customers while still increasing their conversion rate and ROI.
"Beehive Ai is a key tool to learn about our target audience and tailor our marketing and products to them. The data collected allows us to come up with smart advertising and offerings resulting in bigger revenue and higher conversion rates" - Lior Lev Sercarz, La Boite’s CEO.
La Boite continues to expand their outreach to customers and, using Beehive AI, they’ve been able to transform their marketing trial-by-error tactics to an efficient actions-from-insights approach. ‍
● Improved online conversion rate by 28.1%
● Increased online revenue by 45.1%

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