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How Beehive AI Works


A Generative AI model, unique to your business.

Beehive AI goes beyond generic AI with a highly-tuned base model that is purpose-built to understand customer feedback and then trained on your unique data and business context.

Data from any program or platform.

Beehive AI makes it easy to bring all your data into the platform, with support for CSV upload and an ever-growing collection of built-in integrations. 


Transformed LLM data for trustworthy insights.

To eliminate hallucinations and enable insights that go beyond text summaries,  Beehive AI transforms your LLM data into structured data, and then applies quantitative analysis.

More holistic insights, on the fly.

Beehive AI connects the dots across all your data to uncover valuable customer insights that you might have otherwise missed.  Stakeholders can easily ask questions of the data repository or export insights into programs such as Tableau or Power BI.

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