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How to Make Traditional Advertising Work For You

A staggering 4.95 billion reportedly people use the internet every day. This goes some way to explaining why businesses turned away from traditional marketing methods such as television and radio, in favor of social media and digital platforms.

However, it seems the tide may be turning. Consumers tune out of the barrage of online ads and are becoming increasingly annoyed by advertisements popping up on the screen and ruining their view.

The Downside of Digital Advertising

People still want to view websites and go online, but do not want intrusive digital advertisements cluttering up their screens. Brands that continually push their goods and services online are at risk of turning off potential customers, so what can they do instead? They can switch back to traditional methods, namely TV, radio, and print to reach out and engage with existing and new customers.

This idea appeals to businesses as the cost of online advertising has increased, partly due to the hit-and-miss approach adopted by many marketers. This entails throwing everything they have online and testing to evaluate the response. This proves to be an expensive and inconsistent method and in comparison, the cost of traditional advertising has fallen.

There’s also a level of suspicion surrounding online promotions due to fraudsters. Traditional methods have been around for years, so consumers tend to be more trusting. Marketers can use this to build a rapport with buyers and boost the credibility of their brand.

Finally, traditional methods may start to appeal even more now that Google and Apple have announced a plan to end third-party cookies. Businesses currently utilize cookies to collect data on website visitors, using the information to create personalized advertisements. However, this practice will be greatly hindered with the end of 3rd party cookies in 2023.

The Art of Successful Traditional Advertising

We begin to see why marketers are returning to traditional advertising methods. Get it right and you can connect with your audience and boost business, but get it wrong and you’ll be facing a costly mistake. Radio, Television, etc facilitates exposure to the masses but it’s not cheap, and iterating over your campaign comes at a steep price.

That’s why getting it right from the off is so important. Placing a television advertisement is not like placing two Facebook ads and waiting to see which one comes out on top. When you’re planning to spend money on an advertising campaign, you need to do your homework and research your market.

Getting To Know Your Target Market

We’ve established that getting to know your market is key to success, and that getting it wrong will be costly, so let’s see how Qualitative Intelligence can help you with that.

But first, what is Quaitative Intelligence? It’s an AI powered mixed methodology combining Quantiative And Qulaitative research at scale. If you’ve never heard of it, or want to find out more, check out our blog post Introducing Qualitative Intelligence (QI).

So how can it help?:

  1. Inclusiveness - unlike panels of professional survey takers or passive data (e.g. social media) that ignores the “silent majority” (which is most people), Qualitative Intelligence provides a breadth and variety of opinions from people from all walks of life.

  2. Nuance & representation - Collecting free-form expressions in large numbers allows you to capture the hidden gems - a representation of the nuance and complecxity in the taregt market.

  3. Validity - Get statistical confidence in your results, even when you drill down into sub-segments

  4. Unbiased & unbounded - Don’t force your ideas or introduce bias into the process. Let your taregt audience provide answers in their own words, without prompting or leading them one way or another. Learn unexpected views you didn’t know to ask about

If you’re looking for qualitative depth and context, buoyed by scale, speed, nuance and cost effectiveness, Qualitative Intelligence can work for your business, and we know just the company to help you with that…

Regular Insights Powered by Beehive AI

If you’re going to connect with your target market you need a proactive approach. Qualitative Intelligence (QI) platform Beehive AI provides a winning combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) teamed with iterative learning.

Beehive AI provides valuable insights and defines your target market. It’s time to find out what your customer wants and meet their needs. It’s time to optimize your market strategy, boost conversions and increase revenue. Beehive AI is buzzing to help you grow your business and achieve success.



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