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Balancing Consumer Research and Budget Cuts: How Beehive AI Helps You Scale Your Consumer Research

In the current economic climate, companies are cutting back on research manpower and vendor budgets. However, the need to understand your customers has never been more important as consumers increase their scrutiny of expenses. So, how do you balance these two trends? Beehive AI can help you with that.

You may already have the answers hiding in your data. 👀

It all starts with the data you already have. Oftentimes, companies spend a lot of money on research when they may already have the answers they need hiding within their existing data. These answers may be found in past research studies, ongoing customer satisfaction (CSAT), product surveys, or customer feedback. Answers lie dormant in open-ended data – that capture customer voice in its richest form – yet are often poorly analyzed or left unanalyzed.

Beehive AI's platform fine-tunes its large language model specifically for your data. The highly specialized trained models then enable you to uncover answers you didn't know existed in your data, before spending money on expensive research.

Automate your analysis and focus on drawing conclusions. ⚙️

Due to the shortcomings of generic AI solutions, researchers still spend days and weeks manually analyzing moderated and unmoderated interviews, surveys with open-ended responses, and general customer feedback. Manual coding is not only expensive, inefficient and unable to reach the granularity of high-quality automated analysis, but it also distracts researchers from their main job of drawing high-level recommendations for the organization.

Beehive AI's platform specializes in analyzing your data, providing faster, highly accurate, and relevant insights. With Beehive AI, researchers can focus on strategic analysis and generating game-changing insights for the organization.

Streamline your international research across countries and languages 🌎

Scaling research across countries and languages can be challenging due to cost and operational factors, such as translation and finding local vendors. Beehive AI operates smoothly across borders and languages, learning the cultural nuances of each. Results are available in English, allowing you to avoid the hassle of dealing with local vendors, the delays of translations, or the in-house competency of all the native languages of your audiences.

The platform supports any language, making it highly accessible for diverse research needs. The platform has already been utilized in over 30 languages and has processed data from more than 20 countries, enabling organizations to gain insights into both global and local markets.

Bring your stakeholders closer to the insights and save time educating them. 💡

Sometimes, getting the answers is the easy part, but getting decision-makers to understand and buy into the results can be challenging, and takes too much precious time. Often, stakeholders are accustomed to seeing data on behavior (e.g., Google Analytics) and may not fully comprehend or accept research findings, particularly in the case of qualitative data.

Beehive AI quantifies qualitative data on an accessible organization-wide platform that provides large numbers and statistical significance that make it easier to persuade decision-makers. Moreover, our intuitive UI allows for a simple and natural exploration of the data in a "language" (big data) that the organization understands.

We hope this helps, and if you want to learn more about Beehive AI, please drop us a note at or schedule a meeting with us.



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